Airsoft magazines should look like their counterparts at much as possible. You will know what sort of material is required for the airsoft magazine by means of the airsoft gun. A way to easily place bullets in the magazine, is through a depressible spring. There are some markings that look like those of the actual ones in these airsoft magazines, to make them depict the actual magazine.


A full metal clip is needed for those gas airsoft pistol since the gas chamber is placed in the magazine.


Airsoft magazines are sorted into their capacity for bullets.


The first classification is the real capacity airsoft bucuresti. You can observe that looks like the real clips. This type of airsoft clip has the same bullet capacity as the counterparts. If you are a die-hard military fan then this is for you because this magazine is near the actual clips.


Low capacity airsoft clips are the second type. For these type of airsoftieftin replici, it can hold a low amounts of bullets. Players who want to have an experience akin to actual situations, a low capacity airsoft clip is best suited for them. With an automatic electric gun, your expectation would be it can only hold fewer than a hundred rounds.


Medium capacity airsoft clips are the third type. The medium capacity airsoft magazine will benefit those players who prefer to not have any extra moving parts. You can also be sure that this airsoft magazine is not that noisy. Medium capacity airsoft magazine can only contain a hundred to two hundred bullets.


The fourth classification is the high capacity airsoft clips. You can rain a lot of bullets to your opponents with this one. With this airsoft clip, you can ensure that you easily cover your teammates whenever they are in trouble in the game. The way to place bullets in the magazine is through a battery operated pressure sensitive pad or a rotating toothed wheel. This magazine is capable of automatic firing and in suppressing your opponents in a game. The challenge in using this magazine is its unsteadiness in aim due to the rolling clip. Be sure to manage this weakness for you to use it effectively to your advantage. For facts about airsoft guns, visit this website at


Each airsoft magazine's design makes it a liability in certain situations and an asset on some others times. You have to know then what magazine to use for a certain situation.



You have to take heed of this information if you want to have maximum fun in a game. It is up to you on how you would play the game to win the games.